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Solid Waste Management Tires/Solid Presson Tires

From the smallest 100 TPD operation to a 2000 TPD facility, SETCO solid rubber tires are a necessity in this hazardous and abusive environment. Handling refuse such as C&D material, household and green waste, plastic & glass, SETCO frontend loader tires, skid steer tires and backhoe tires, SETCO solid tires can withstand the abuse and continue to provide proven performance and longevity. SETCO solid rubber tires are also esential on equipment used in recycling centers and MRFs (material recovery facilities). For example sorting centers that separate glass for recycling would be inoperable without their equipment being outfitted with SETCO’s solid tires on rims. SETCO solid rubber tires provide a greater footprint, which produces more pushing capacity, maximizing the machine’s performance thus increasing productivity.