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Solid Tire Designs

Classic Style Solid Tires

The original SETCO solid rubber tire on rims was the first in a line of innovative and revolutionary ideas for solid rubber tires. Conceived in 1988 for performance in extreme and abusive applications, SETCO’s Classic style was designed to work where nothing else would! Even today, the legendary “Junk Yard Dog” still lives up to it’s reputation by adding more dollars on the bottom line. With TOUGH traction, TESTED durability and PROVEN longevity, put SETCO solid rubber tires to work in your operation today!

Comfort Ride Solid Tires

SETCO’s comfort ride solid tires provide varying degrees of comfort while maintaing the same durability and reliability found in the legendary “Junk Yard Dog.” We're confident one of our comfort ride tire designs will meet your needs.

Soft Ride Tires

SETCO’s Soft Ride tire is every bit as tough as the original SETCO Junk Yard Dog, but offers a much softer ride. Our revolutionary dual rubber compound results in a cushioned ride, which means less fatigue on the equipment and more comfort for the operators. Available in a variety of tire tread designs for all makes and models of equipment.

Air Ride Tires

Advanced mold designs and state-of-the-art technology has enabled SETCO to improve the previously designed line of solid rubber tires with air holes. The Air Ride tire now has two or four circular rows of holes, strategically placed around the circumference of the solid rubber tire on both sides in the softer durometer rubber. Since the rows of holes are offset, they actually deflect the pressure from each other and help prevent stress cracks. The presence of these holes allows the solid rubber tire to deflect in different areas, relieving stress from the weight of the machine. The shock, as the machine works, is absorbed through the air holes, decreasing stress on the equipment. Increasing the tire’s deflection widens and lengthens the footprint providing greater shock absorbsion and traction while reducing stress on the operator as well. The result is a solid tire that offers the ultimate in ride while still providing the benefits of longevity and durability. The combination of softer durometer rubber and the air holes equals a much-improved shock absorbing solid rubber tire, which provides a greatly enhanced ride. Machine fatigue and operator discomfort are things of the past with SETCO’s air ride tires.

Jelly Belly Tires

SETCO Jelly Belly tires are a product aimed at providing superior comfort level for operators. These flexible solid rubber tires have a narrower rim, with dual rubber compounds and 25% more rubber, allowing the tire to deflect twice as much. This additional flexibility means substantially less shock and provides a “built in” suspension for the machine. SETCO Jelly Belly tires are ideal for smaller front end loader solid tires in low tonnage facilities.