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Skid Steer Tires

By the very name, the nature of this machine is to skid. Which is extremely hard on tires. Skid steer tires are used in all types of applications from scrap yards and trash transfer facilities, to recycling stations of glass, steel, paper & plastics and in the demolition arena.

Solid Floatation Tires

SETCO was the first to manufacture and market a solid floatation tire, allowing the skid steer to have floatation capabilities as well as the advantages and protection of a solid skid steer tire. SETCO offers skid steer tires in custom specifications to lower height and reduce width to allow the skid steer to work in restricted areas.

Advantages of Solid Skid Steer Tires

SETCO skid steer tires are compression molded for more durability and longevity. The Soft Ride Tires and or Air Ride Tires skid steer tires offer a tremendously better ride than operators are used to in the past with conventional skid steer tires. SETCO manufacturers the softest flat proof skid steer tires in the industry, with more pushing power, load capacity and reliability. SETCO skid steer tires, lasting 3 to 5 times longer combined with durability, traction and proven performance, are the most cost effective skid steer tires available.