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Scrap Yards Are Hazardous to Tires

Solid tires on rims are the ideal solution, if not the only solution, for the majority of scrap yard applications when it comes to tire problems. From skid steers to material crane handlers to the largest front-end loaders, solid tires are a very integral part of the facility’s day-to-day business and are a huge factor in productivity and overall cost of operation.

Solid Rubber Tires Overcome Scrap Yard Hazards

Due to the abusive environment that tires are exposed to in scrap yards, operators have found that SETCO Solid Tires are really the only option. With SETCO solid tires, fear of premature failures is gone. SETCO front end loader tires, forklift tires and skid steer tires will all reduce the cost per hour or per ton in a scrap yard operation. SETCO solid tires also have more usable rubber so the cost per inch of rubber expense is actually lower even though the price of the solid rubber tire may be higher. Many believe than in order to use solid tires on rims they must sacrifice in other areas such as operator comfort and wear and tear on machinery. This perception is untrue. Pioneers in the initial concept and design, SETCO Solid Tires continually searches for newer, more innovative ways of not only solving tire problems in abusive scrap yard applications but by providing a solid tire that offer some creature comforts as well. With the advancement of SETCO’s newest design, “The Air Ride Tire”, operators find that the ride is quite acceptable. In many instances, SETCO solid tires weigh less than the combination of foam filled tires and OE wheels so there is no need for extra maintenance concerns. SETCO Solid Tires offers a variety of styles and tire tread design, customized for individual applications.