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Flat Proof Non-Pneumatic Tires

SETCO non-pneumatic tires, also referred to as flat proof tires, have tremendous benefits in abusive applications and can survive hazards where obviously a pneumatic tire cannot last due to extreme environments. SETCO flat proof solid rubber tires are manufactured through a patented bonding process, using a compression-molded procedure. SETCO solid rubber tires insure no premature failures due to cuts and chunking. SETCO solid rubber tires are guaranteed to rebuild unlike a foam-filled pneumatic tire that may not recap due to contamination of the casing, chunking and deterioration. SETCO flat proof tires have greater usable rubber, a specialized rubber compound that uses only 100% natural rubber with a mixture of shredded wire with a tensile strength of 70,000 lb psi. This rubber combination which provides extreme stamina, cut resistance, and extended tread wear has proven to be far superior to other rubber compounds commonly used in tires for mining equipment.

Advantages of Flat Proof Non-Pneumatic Tires

With SETCO solid rubber tires there is absolutely no costly downtime due to flats. With ZERO downtime due to tire failures, there is typically no need for spare tires. Conventional or pneumatic tires, even if foam filled, can be a nightmare of expense when used as skid steer tires, forklift tires, haul trucks tires, crane tires or front end loader tires. One wrong turn or even a “stroll” through a scrap yard, demolition site or recycling center on what some might consider a clean path can result in total tire failures. SETCO solid rubber tires have the ability to absorb contact with the same devastating debris with only minor cuts or abrasions. Adapter plates to convert existing SETCO non-pneumatic, flat proof tires to a different, comparable piece of equipment are available a minimal cost.