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Tread Designs For Solid Tires

With SETCO’s advanced technology and in-house tread design center, we offer a wide variety of solid rubber tire tread designs to fit any unique or individual application. SETCO’s solid rubber tire traction tread designs can drastically improve traction in challenging fields. Beginning with a smooth tread in operations where traction is not an issue, to the most severe applications where extremely aggressive traction tread designs are a necessity in order for the machine to operate, SETCO has it all. SETCO offers traction tread designs with as little as 4 lugs per side to as many as 16 lugs per side of each solid rubber tire. The length and width of each lug is determined by the individual size of the solid traction rubber tires.

Custom Tread Designs for Solid Tires

Custom tire tread designs are a specialty of SETCO. SETCO Solid Tire can design your custom tread applications for any type solid tires. Custom solid rubber tire tread designs are available upon request. All smooth and traction tread designs are manufactured using a compression molded process. This patented production process insures a quality product that virtually eliminates the fear of premature failures due to bonding or separation concerns.